Try out our API in Postman

As first step of providing a downloadable collection of APIs for developers, we have uploaded our API collection on Postman Cloud. To keep it simple Beta version of this platform uses mocks for running API. If you would like to see the complexities of real system, please get in touch with us.

With embedded ‘Run in Postman’ button in our Developer portal, users are able to imports and open a collection of API endpoints directly in Postman App. For the best User experience, please make sure you have postman installed on your machine.

What’s next?

We are striving to give Developers the best experience of using our sandbox. Next step is to integrate Swagger Editor, which will integrate the API Documentation with ability to execute APIs online instantaneously. Stay tuned for updates.

What is Postman:

Postman is a third party application that allows users to store and execute API requests. The Run in Postman button is a way to share Postman Collection and integrate API documentation or developer portal directly with the Postman app.


To try it out, please sign up. After the signup, you will be redirected to the page where you can download the Postman collection